Atlanta – The Story So Far

When I decided for a live as full-time student I was driven by two things: to finish my studies as fast as possible and to spend a year abroad. I guess this is indispensable to get a basic idea about things happening in the world. Further, language improvement and becoming familiar with other cultures are important facts. Moreover, moving abroad is crucial for self-development.

Emory University Seal

So I started my preparations in September last year by reading several reports from former exchange students to get a basic idea about studying abroad. I have also met some students and they shared their experiences. Soon, I decided to go to an English-speaking non-European country. The application was handed in on January 31st and after a waiting period of several weeks I got the invitation for the personal interview which was on March 4th. Thereafter, I received the nomination for Emory University / Goizueta Business School after a couple of days on March 17, which was the kickoff for extensive preparation work. Vaccinations need to be done, lots of certificates had to be obtained. And the courses have to be selected. Now, this work is almost finished and the documents are going to be sent in the next few days. I’m looking forward to spend a great time in Atlanta!

Atlanta Downtown (Wikipedia)

Header photo “Downtown Atlanta Night” by Evilarry

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