Appointment at the US Embassy

One of my last steps for my year abroad is to apply for a visa. It is a lot of paperwork, and I am going to have a personal interview at the embassy, which I arranged today. So the next days I’m going to collect all the informations for the forms, going to a photographer and pay the fees. The whole procedure for the non-immigrant visa application can be read here.

Courses and Emory E-Mail Address

The last days I got my courses and an Emory e-mail address assigned. I got almost all courses for which I subscribed. Sadly, I didn’t get the most important one, which is Strategic Management. But there is still a chance to get into this class in the Add/Drop/Swap-Week – the first week of the semester. Anyway, at this time I’m subscribed at the following courses:

  • Marketing Strategy (Marketing)
  • Ideation (Marketing)
  • Negotiations (Organization and Management)
  • Consulting (Organization and Management)
  • Leading and Managing Change (Organization and Management)
  • Business Communications (Communication)

I have to decide on four courses which is the usual workload of the students at this university. So I’m going to drop two or three of them–depending on the Strategic Management course…


111th Concordiaball

Last Friday, June 6th, Christina and I visited the 111th Concordiaball. We attended the opening ceremony. The ball is arranged by the Viennese journalist’s club Concordia, the world oldest journalist’s club. The ball took place in the very awesome premises of the Viennese City Hall. It was moderated by Barbara Rett. The opening ceremony was choreographed by Prof. Klaus Mühlsiegl, who is well known as the choreographer of the Viennese Opera Ball opening ceremonies. We enjoyed another great ball night until the end at 5am. View our pictures!

Grand Ballroom, Vienna City Hall