Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra

I just came back from a fantastic concert of the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra under the conductor Antoni Wit. They are currently on a tour through the United States and gave a concert this evening at Emerson Concert Hall / Schwartz Center.

  • Serenade for String Orchestra, op. 2 (1897) (Mieczyslaw Karlowicz)
  • Piano Concerto No. 1, E-flat Major (Franz Liszt)
  • Symphony No. 2, op. 73, D Major (Johannes Brahms)
Antoni Wit (©http://www.filharmonia.pl)

Usually, tickets for this performance are 80 Dollars. Emory offers a “passport for creativity and arts” for students which contains a lot of vouchers for concerts, exhibitions… including this one. The passport is just for eight Dollars! What an amazing offer!

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