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Home, sweet home! The fatherland.

Iridescent Clouds over Linz

A couple of weeks ago, more precisely on January 10, iridescent clouds were clearly visible all day long north of the Alps. I have never sighted any such occurrence and had no idea about this phenomenon. After taking a few photos I couldn’t resist researching the mysterious “rainbow clouds” on the web.

Cloud Iridescence
Cloud Iridescence

I was not able to find any easy explanation but from what I understand the strong foehn was causing the cloud iridescent. Here is another blog post and video, and here is a link to a German forum where people were posting pics.

Linz and the Alps
Linz and the Alps

Another effect of the foehn is a very clear air which allows us to get a clear view across the landscape for up to 300km (185mi) whereas under common weather circumstances the limit is around 50km (31mi). Above is a great example; the alps are around 150km south of Linz.

Check out my Linz Photo Stream for more pics!


Originally our plan for today was to hike to the Birnbachloch (DE), a fairly easy and scenic route. Unfortunately it was raining so much we alternatively visited the Lamprechtshöhle which probably was as scenic. Enjoy the photos!


Afterwards we enjoyed late lunch at Bergdorf Priesteregg. That place offers a sophisticated ambience, considerate staff and wonderful food.

Carmen at Römersteinbruch

We just watched Carmen at the Roman stone quarry in Sankt Margarethen, which is about an hour south of Vienna. It is one of the biggest open air Opera festivals in Europe, similar to Verona. With its unique scenery, which is fully integrated in the performance, it becomes a fascinating experience. Read more here.


Parking is available for free; however, be aware that there is another one charging €10 for the night. Inside the arena food and drinks are available at a reasonable price. Also, there are two backstage-tours available for a couple of Euros previous to the performance. Check the exact times at the link above. There are plenty of hotels around, we stayed in this one, which I can recommend. Check-in is 24/7 with a self-service machine.

Here are a few photos of our trip! We stopped in Baden for coffee on the way there and before hitting the road back, we enjoyed the scenery in Laxenburg.

The World At Night

AEC currently hosts an exhibition of night photos taken by photographers all over the world. All photographers are a member of TWAN, an organization built around the passion for the night sky and photography. Visit their website and of course take the chance and visit the exhibition–here’s a preview: flickr.

Rotating Stars

I share their idea of shooting the night sky but hadn’t too much opportunity so far; above is one of few photos I took (Wahweap/Page, AZ).

Night of The Churches

Last night we visited the major cathedral in Linz, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, to watch the light show that was set up for the Night of The Churches–a yearly cultural event across all Austria, where various performances of choirs, lessons, meditations etc. are arranged. Could be a scene from a Harry Potter movie, right? Here’s one of the photos:

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

Great opportunity for some photography! Check it out next year! Bring a tripod!

Poached Egg with Ham Espuma

On Friday, driving from Linz to St. Anton am Arlberg, we stopped in Salzburg at Hangar 7. Our intention wasn’t just to see the flying bull fleet; the Carpe Diem Lounge-Café offered us a wonderful breakfast. I found something interesting on the menu that I couldn’t resist: poached egg with ham espuma. I had no idea what to expect and was quite surprised: a bowl filled with a very fluffy foam covering the poached egg. After talking to the waitress and additional research, I am still wondering about the exact preparation of the ham-foam.

North American B-25 Mitchell
North American B-25 Mitchell