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Morning Workouts and Breakfast

A daily routine is kicking in… This morning I was running for about an hour at Lullwater Park around Candler Lake which is right next to my apartment. We started at 7.30am, before sunrise. It’s really amazing there – I’ve to take some pictures the next time.

Afterwards, I enjoyed a delicious self-made breakfast and read the The New York Times. Life’s treating me quite well!


Last Saturday I was shopping. I bought a new suit, which I need for the consulting class. We are supposed (which was actually not surprising) to wear a suit when we meet our clients–and another pants–there are some classes which request “business casual” for presentations, which is no jeans. The Cliff Shuttle goes to Lenox Square each Saturday. Here are some pictures! I don’t think clothes are cheap here. It’s actually the same price as in Austria – including the Dollar exchange rate.

Lenox Square
Lenox Square